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This is for :iconmaxieyi: and :iconredustrial-ruin:, which I hope you guys do read this, because you two are my idols.

I saw this video that Jen had made like a week ago

And I got really upset, especially when I saw Jen cry. Now I have no idea what the blog said, but from what Jen has said, screw whoever told them to stop cosplaying. Just because they're focusing on Umineko more than their other cosplay doesn't mean they're boring. I don't even watch Umineko, and I think their cosplays are fucking gorgeous. I'm sure everyone that does love to cosplay and does love watching anime has that one anime that means so much to them. I mean if there was a cosplay I'd absolutely want to do in my entire life, it would be Hellsing. Like Jen, I would do whatever I could to make sure that my Seras cosplay looked perfect. Jen does the same thing with Umineko, and so does Marz. 

These sort of things also happen with RPC's and OC's. I've worked my ass off on all of my characters, especially my baby Rekkusu. I've worked on her for 8 years now, and I have been told that she looks shitty and that I should stop making OC's cuz I suck at it. I'll admit, my OC used to be a Mary Sue, but even though I kept fixing her up, people have still given me shit. To me, it doesn't matter what fandom you're into now, people still give you shit for the most stupid things. Yeah, ik I'm not as great as some other RPC artists on here, but do I give a shit? No. Why? CUZ I LOVE DRAWING MY RPCS NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS.

Marz and Jen, you guys have really been my idols, especially when it comes to cosplaying. I mean because of you guys, I've gotten more comfortable and learned some experience when it comes to cosplay. I've cosplayed as Grell one Halloween, and I felt confident with my wig thanks to you two with your advice. My friend Zoe and I looked awesome as Grell and Sebastian. I've cosplayed as even more characters, like Harley Quinn, Thor, and Freddy Krueger, and now my friends and I are working on steampunk Disney princesses for next summer. I'm gonna try and make it myself too. I probably would not have the confidence I have now had it not been for you two. So if you guys wanna cosplay Umineko, you cosplay Umineko. If you wanna cosplay Higurashi, you cosplay Higurashi. You guys look amazing in any cosplay you do, whether I have heard of the show or not. And if someone has a problem with it, sucks for them. It's your choice who to cosplay, not theirs. And even if they give you both shit for not cosplaying that much, screw them. You guys have lives too. 

I really do love you guys though :heart:
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:bulletgreen: Name: Rekkusu
:bulletblack: Birthday: May 20th
:bulletgreen: Likes: anime, manga, being a goof, friends, family, cosplaying, drawing, singing, acting, scary movies, Gaara, Alucard, Sebastian, Axel, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Disney, Johnny Depp, Gir, Invader Zim, ZADR, Naruto, etc. :P
:bulletblack: Dislikes: mean people, Justin Beiber, animal cruelty, people who steal art, people who hurt the ones I love, people who can't respect others
:bulletgreen: Postitives: I fight back, if someone hurts my friends and family I'll defend them, I try to make people smile and laugh, I care about my friends and family, I try to forget about what people think of me and be who I want to be
:bulletblack: Negatives: I worry too much, I'm not so smart, I can sometimes do stupid things that hurt the people I love, I can take things too far, I overreact
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