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Hi guys,
I usually don't like to rant about other people's characters because I personally feel like it causes so much drama when the creator finds out. But, this character has disgusted me so much that she deserves to be ranted off on.

First of all, this character just breaks canon. She's a Hyuuga who has the 7th tailed beast inside of her, and she's paired with Gaara. I get that at first people are gonna think of me like "oh you're only ranting because she's paired with Gaara like Rekkusu is". Well no, that is actually not why I'm ranting. I support other characters being paired with Gaara, like Kira or Kurei I believe. They are incredibly cute and incredibly believable to me. But Gaara forcing into people's homes? Gaara hating people in Shippuden? I'm sorry, but that's all very uncanon. In Shippuden, Gaara is very caring and worries more about his village and protecting the people he cares about. He's not bashing into people's housing and trying to get people pregnant.

But the one thing that REALLY bothered me was the autism, and I'm sure by now everyone knows who I'm talking about. This person disgusts me because this character loses her autism for a bit and then gets it back again. No. That doesn't happen. Never. Not to mention this character seems to communicate with people very well. Let me get you straight on what autism is. Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. Yes, sometimes touching is difficult for people with autism, but autism isn't really about physical contact. It's about SOCIAL contact. Children with autism can't always speak or communicate like other people can, so the fact that your autistic character can speak perfectly well with others REALLY pisses me off.

And you wanna know why it pisses me off? Because I myself have autism. I had a hard time communicating with people. I had more difficulty learning in the classroom. But as the years went on, I outgrew my autism. But even when my autism was very severe, I LOVED touching people. I loved hugging people, I loved kissing people, in fact I sometimes had to be calmed down by my dad putting me in a blanket burrito.

Your character has offended me. It really has. So please, do me a favor and change your character. For everyone's sake, especially the people you have offended.

I'm very sorry for everyone else to read this, I had to speak my mind out because at this point I am done seeing this character pop up wherever I go. I also would rather rant about because from what I've seen, talking to the creator about this is a losing battle.
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